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SEO Guru

We will be posting more information on search engine optimization, online marketing, and building a website or blog effectively. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back often.

If you are interested in Seattle SEO, we will have some great local tips for you as well.

In addition to SEO, we are also currently writing a book on properly marketing your business. Many companies aren’t doing it right so it’s important to ensure that you have a proper social media, marketing, and branding strategy for your business and that is what our book will help with.

We plan to put it on the Amazon Kindle but I will say it was sure tough trying to figure out how to format and edit the book. After spending many hours trying to figure it all out, I found this great ebook template that worked beautifully and made it easy for us to get our Kindle book formatted so I am thankful for that!

Stay tuned for an announcement about when our book will be available online.

Baseball Is Here!

I can’t believe that we are already well into the year 2013, time flies doesn’t it? I found this really convenient 2013 MLB schedule which lists all of the games for the entire baseball season. It’s very easy to use and awesome if you love baseball like I do!

Politics Again?

I LOVE politics and it’s never to early to start talking about the Presidential race. In fact, CNN already has some projected candidates who are likely to run in four years. I know it’s a long time away but they do have a great politics section on their site in case you are also a political junkie like me.


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